Care and Maintenance

Regular Cleaning

In order to keep your countertops looking clean and beautiful it is important to clean them regularly. For this you want to use a mild soap like Dawn. Then just wipe off with a clean cloth.

This is important as harsher cleaners will take off the sealer which could cause staining.

We also have a 3 in 1 cleaner available in our showroom. This contains a small amount of sealer. We only recommend using this once a week.

Do not use any liquids containing bleach or ammonia.

Do not use any liquids containing vinegar, lemon juice, or other acids.

Sealing your Countertops

Sealing your countertops is quick and easy, and needs to be done once a year for Granite and every 6 months for Marble. It does not need to be done for Quartz.

First you want to clean the surface of your countertop as instructed above.

While wearing kitchen gloves, spray the stone sealer on the surface of the stone. Make sure to cover the entire surface with good layer of liquid.

Wait about 15 minutes then wipe off the excess liquid from the countertops with a clean, dry cloth.

If you see some hazy spots you can pour a small amount of sealant on a clean cloth and wipe the spot.